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Guest Posting

Being labeled as an alcoholic and going through the addiction of alcoholism is one of the worst phases one can ever go through. I never ever in my wildest dreams thought that I could go through a stage like this. A troubled marriage and an even more traumatic relationship with my ex-husband forced me to take to drinking alcohol for solace and relief. It was the only thing I would look forward to as my problems seem minuscule and I was transported to a totally different world.

Some time later in a sane moment, I suddenly realized my house and my children were the ones who were the most effected, it was then when I decided that I needed help. I reached out to a couple of good wishers who went all out to help me overcome my addiction crisis and found out that rehab was the best and most effective option.

As soon as I entered the doors of the Rehab clinic, I wanted to run out. I started shivering and wasn’t able to control myself and screamed I wanted to go home. It was an entire team of health care professionals who calmed me down, cajoled me, coaxed me and made me feel comfortable.

Then started the most difficult process of detoxification.  Every day was nothing less than torture. My body was resisting. I was experiencing severe cramps throughout the day, my mouth would get dry. Didn’t feel like drinking water and so on and so forth. My friends and family stuck by me throughout and never lost hope.

At a time when I was struggling to get a hold of myself and my life therapy at the rehab was a blessing. I never thought I would ever get back to my job or a normal lifestyle. But thanks to the rehab clinic all my worries have vanished and the stigma of being an alcoholic and an addict has been erased forever.   Today with the excellent service and support of each and every member at the rehab clinic I have recovered and I shall always be grateful to them for salvaging my life.